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ROGER SHAH is incredibly busy. Just released the new Sunlounger album and has plans for a global collaboration song with his fans. This news has spread like wild fire, so we wanted to know more!!


You are urging fans to collaborate with you on a new song. Tell us a bit more about that.

Yes I’m working on a new song for which I wanna have a huge choir like people in a stadium singing along to it, so the only chance to accomplish something like that is to record in a stadium or to have people helping you. the idea started when I signed with Barcel for a campaign song in mexico, they wanted me to write a song with a positive message, also incl the Spanish words mueve tu mundo which is the name of the campaign and means move your world or change your world, in a country with a lot of poor people to give them a message that no matter what you can still change or move things to your favor. so while writing a message for those people I thought about that some things are counting for the whole world so I had the idea to just invite everybody to sing along with me, no matter from which part of the world, rich, poor, I don’t care about religions etc, everybody who is sending me a vocal recording with just the clean vocal will be a part of the project and will find his name in the credits of the choir recording. we will setup a special project website with all further details within the next days. I’m very excited about this project even it means also that it will be a lot of work.


How has the response been to your brand new Sunlounger album?

Actually it has been amazing, I think people really appreciate the fact that I was sticking to my original balearic sound in a time where a lot of artists leave their original genre. I like to work on new and different projects as well and with my Roger Shah solo artist name I also go into a more open minded direction, but Sunlounger stands for a balearic sound, so I kept the entire album into this direction. we hit top 50 on itunes almost around the world, got a couple of top 10 or even number 1 spots and even hit the top 30 mark in the USA which I consider a huge success with that sound.

What is your personal favorite from the album?

That’s hard to say, every track is special for me and has some magic. I think surrender with Chase is a very touching and very special song from the album but also my other vocal collabs with Jes, Alexandra Badoi, Suzie Del Vecchio, Inger Hansen, Kingsize or Sason Bishop Parry are really special for me, because I wanted to have new voices and singers on this new album.

How did you enjoy Ultra Music Festival South Korea? Is it a different vibe than for instance the USA?

It’s hard to say since I never got the chance to perform at Ultra in Miami but I hope to be able to change this next year. Ultra Korea was amazing, Asian people are really into the music and music visa very open minded and I had the feeling that they liked every DJ and genre the same way, so on the mainstage we had anything from house to dubstep to proggy to trance. really amazing crowd and I’m always happy when I have some destinations in Asia on my touring schedule.

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We know you know how to cook up tasty beats.. but do you like to cook food at well? and what would be your specialty dish?

Actually I’m a good cook, maybe I ‘ll try to be a chef in my next life. I can do any German dish and of course some yummy pasta. once i cooked for friends so i served a kind of lasagna made out of 7 different types of noodles and 4 types of sauces…so if I would cook a special dish I think I would do something like this again, for sure something with cheese. if I go to eat somewhere I love sushi but can’t  prepare it myself.

Where do you like to spend your vacation when you’re not performing at exotic locations?

I love the magic island Ibiza. Had no time to go there this year besides 1 day for a video shoot but definitely will go there next year again. I hope to do some shows there again, too but too early to plan now. on the other hand I even don’t know when I had the last proper vacation.

If you could thank your fans for one thing, what would that be?

Simply for the support through all those years in good and bad times. I had a couple of changes lately but now I’m back in full force with a lot of new music and i’m excited to share.

What’s coming up tour wise for you in the coming weeks/months?

I had a crazy august with a lot of gigs but also pr stuff for the new album, so I will take a little break in september, maybe just doing one or two weekends but looking forward to October when I give my debut at lA’s super club Exchange for an Insomniac weekend and doing also San Diego the same weekend. we are also working on an India tour and my management is just working right now on the Sunlounger balearic beauty world tour. to be updated about my tour dates the easiest is to follow me on my facebook artist page or check my official website


Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Checkout the new music campaign and sing along with me on one of my next singles and if you appreciate my work i’m glad to have your support and vote for the annual djmag top 100 voting. thank you!

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