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Breaking - Thrilling New Release From Brenton Mattheus

Listen Here Promoted Post The last decade has seen Brenton Mattheus create solo work and killer collabs with some of EDM’s most celebrated artists. He’s lauded by legends like David Guetta, Erick Morillo and Otto Knows and his work with Swedish producer Vanze gave rise to his most acclaimed track to date – Forever – which has racked up over 10 million streams across the globe.  This year, Mattheus is

Luca Draccar

LISTEN HERE Promoted Post Living in one place is imprisonment. An exhilarating wandering in multiple places. Enjoy the pleasure in one night of 419 pure pleasure. Breaking the mould and refusing to be confined, comes naturally to Berlin-based Luca Draccar. Being tied down to one place feels like imprisonment, and the same applies to his music, an avant-garde experimentation of techno music. Luca Draccar’s latest EP, ‘419’ seeks to find

Luca Draccar

Promoted Post Soul Grabber is the latest EP by the marvelous Berlin-based producer Luca Draccar. As a composer of dark electronic music, Luca’s recent onslaught of new material is both innovative and refreshing. The blueprint for Soul Grabber articulates itself well against the grain of intellectual thought and good times for the nightlife. After a daring introduction with the track Jadore. This extensive groove snaps us right into a nocturnal