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“Shivers”, “hairs on the back of your neck”, “hands in the air”, “reaching for the lasers”, “losing your mind” and “rushing to the music” are just some of the effects described by their fans when listening to Egyptian World Top 20 duo Aly & Fila in full flow on the dance floor.


2012 saw Aly & Fila play Armin Van Buuren’s Annual ASOT 550 event for the 6th Year in a row, Aly & Fila is the only act besides Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz to play all 6 Years. Therefore, we had to invite them for an exclusive interview at!

Everyone loves your productions and this year you managed to keep your spot secure in the DJ Mag 100, rising three spots in the list to #19. What would you say is the magic behind the success?

Hard work and belief in ourselves as a brand and musicians . We have a good team around us also and the support we receive from the fans worldwide is amazing, this definitely helps us with our success so far.

You guys are from Egypt. With all the fuss going on in the Middle East over the past few years, how stark is the contrast between being internationally acclaimed DJ/producers with all the benefits that come with that on one hand. And on the other hand, the unstable situation in the area where you come from?

We always stay close to our roots and our home, even if we are in another part of world we always follow events at home, team in Egypt and friends and family there, we are very proud Egyptians.

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You recently released the new single “Perfect Love” together with Roger Shah, another DJ who is known for his melodicly-packed trance productions. How did you guys enjoy working with him?

We have known and worked with Roger for many years, he is a very good musician and great guy. We worked with him before doing remixes for him for DJ Shah – Back To You and Sunlounger feat Zara – Lost. Was really cool to work with him as we have a similar ideas on how the music should be presented to the public, we are very very happy that Perfect Love is doing well, it’s a very happy , Summerish type of track.

Dance Music BlogWhat is your favorite Starbucks drink?

Hmmm Cappuccino, Latte, very nice!

If you would play at a party where only 20 people showed up for. Would you finish your set and make it a hell of a party? Give an example.

100% we would give them one hell of a party, each fan is important to us. They inspire us to do what we do.

What defines success for you?

To be happy in what you do, to progress as a brand and always looking to move forward as a brand and make people happy.

Tiesto should?

…do 1 more In Search of Sunrise compilation.

Aly has had a problem with his ear stemming from an incident with a monitor speaker that was set up too loud. What is your advice to DJs, producers and the fans to protect their hearing?

For sure wear protective equipment for ears, no matter what the cost is, as a DJ/Producer your ears are the most important part of your job.


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Touring comes with lots of experiences that other people might not encompass. Describe a real funny moment that happened.

Touring can be crazy sometimes, well falling asleep at the gate at the airport in Ibiza on the way home from a gig and missing my flight was a funny experience.

Do you like the beaches in Egypt, or the USA more?

The beaches in Egypt are amazing to be honest, the sand is so clean and smooth. We haven’t had a chance to visit the beach in the USA, even when we were doing WMC in Miami.

DJ InterviewsWhat is the sweetest thing one of your many fans ever made for you?

Birthday cake.

When you are not entertaining others, what do you do to entertain yourselves?

Spend time with loved ones and family, friends and pets , watch movies, TV, normal everyday stuff.

Who is the best promoter to play for?

Wow that is a tough question, from a long tour perspective – Stereosonic in Australia are so organized with every detail no matter how major or minor – hats off to Totem One Love.

Which professional from EDM should people try to avoid and why?

Very controversial question and one which we cannot answer, to be honest we get along with everyone we work with and come in contact with from EDM.

Which major league artist are you waiting to remix for?

We would love to work with Coldplay. That would be cool.

If you had to choose between a shitty party to play at with massive pay, or a superb party with no pay, which one would you pick? And give an example.

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Superb party with no pay which I have done a couple of times. Being a DJ and Musician is not only about the money, but at the same time if you are filling venues around the world then you also should benefit from this.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

Huge thanks for everyone’s continued support, YOU THE FANS ARE OUR INSPIRATION