Pablo Schugt continues to impress us with each and every new release. This two track EP which is a Featured Banner Release on Beatport’s Psy Trance front page contains the two hi-energy tracks Rasping Groove and The Mind Is God, Pablo once again demonstrates his growth as an artist.

Rasping Groove begins with a standard rolling baselines that evolves throughout the track into a real wiggler playing off of the groove of the rasping bassline. The bass and acid lock in perfectly to take the listener on an effortless journey of the mind.

With The Mind of God, Pablo Schugt reminds us of his trance roots with a perfectly crafted lead melody line that sits nicely over the pumping psy rhythm. The melody line carries over into the breakdown bridging the gap between psy and trance for that perfect sound that dance floors are starving for.

Support in from Paul Van Dyk, Mark Sherry, John Askew, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Heatbeat, M.I.K.E., Giuseppe Ottaviani, Airwave, The Digital Blonde, Kaeno, Manuel Le Saux, David Forbes Robert Vadney, Fergie & Sadrian, Stephane Badey and more.

Out exclusively on Beatport.

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