Luca Draccar

Listen to the EP here: https://open.spotify.com/album/2y6Lo3KvF3Bzzf2SzMksqe “No one can stare at the sun when it shines, but everyone can look at it during an eclipse” Luca Draccar gives us all a glimpse with the opener ‘Ready To Loose Control’. This kicks off the journey with non-stop pulsating bass, a radiating rhythm, and thunderous percussion that continually kicks rarely giving a chance to rest. ‘Flying Satelites’ continues next with a mellow tempo,

Kia Mazzi Mothership

Check out Kia Mazzi – Mothership HERE KIA MAZZI believes that the artist should remain “the student of the game” and to keep practicing, and to follow their ideals. Some logistical mistakes should be expected during that growth. Kia also believes there is evolution within imperfection, a creative progression that will come from practice, from hard-won trial and error. “If someone is trying to tell a story, or write a book

Alpine Universe Organika

ALPINE UNIVERSE is proud to release ORGANIKA, a new song taken from his eponymous debut album featuring a special music video. The music video was directed by David Grabowski and choreographed by Lee Daniel who also worked with such artists as Selena Gomez, Usher and Ariana Grande. It features a female robot who explores her motion abilities and becomes more and more human. It also visually represents Alpine Universe’s music very well: the robot