Trance Legends Make Kickstarter Return


Trance pioneers Gabriel and Dresden are back with an exciting new album project after a decade-long hiatus. This time, they are leaving it in the hands of their fans as they launched a Kickstarter campaign on November 18th, 2016. The Kickstarter project is aimed at raising the capital needed to produce the 10 tracks and release it to the public independently.

Some of the Kickstarter offers include:

• Full download of the album upon its release in May of 2017
• Album Art Digital Book
• Thank You’s & Project Updates

For fans with a little more change in the pocket, you can unlock some pretty cool perks for you (and your friends!!)

• Download all STEMS in WAV/AIF/MP3 format for remixes (favorites to be featured on Organized Nature — Gabriel & Dresden’s label)
• Signed copies of earlier albums from the artists (Bloom, Sensation White Session recorded i Prague 2007)
• Insider Weekly Streaming (access to a live feed of the artists while producing the album)
• VIP Treatment at one of their events
• Video Chat with the artists
• House party with Gabriel and Dresden at YOUR house (there needs to be some pro audio setups, however)
• Co-write and produce a track with Gabriel and Dresden (50/50 split on royalties!)

Evidently, the Kickstarter project is already a huge success. At the time of this writing, they are already 90% of the way to their goal. I suggest you all take a peek at their project page over here: and at the very least, check out some of their old works on display! There are a ton of old works that still have listening value today.

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