Katie’s Corner: Pure Trance Mixed By Solarstone And Orkidea


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By KATE O’CONNELL — From the moment the first beat hits your chest off Pure Trance Disc One by Solarstone your pulse will start to race and you find yourself getting lost in the hypnotic melodies.   From that moment on this two disc compilation takes you on a spellbinding thrill ride with SolarStone as the Captain.


Pure Trance has about the most fitting title of any new album out there.  Solarstone nailed it giving us exactly that – pure, mind blowing, hair raising, chest shaking trance.  It’s impossible not to love and get addicted to the irresistible dance beat and infectious melodies.  I challenge anyone who appreciates trance music to listen to these two C.D’s and not dance by the time the first track is over.  Aside from that, every single one of these songs has a way of doing what I believe all trance, f#ck that, what all EDM should do – evoke emotion.  These tracks have the ability to literally change your entire mood and make you forget the world around you.  You pulse will speed up, you’ll feel your breathing increase and chills will race down your spine as you get lost in the music.

You can search through all of disc one and you won’t find a track that isn’t absolutely mesmerizing. Of course some songs are much more enticing to my ear than others and I made sure to take notes.  My favorites from disc one which was mixed by Solarstone were definitely tracks numbers 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

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Track number 4 got me up and moving and I could feel the beat in my bones.  Track numbers 9-12 layered onto each other and took me for a ride that finally won me over as far as the C.D’s as a whole were concerned. (To be honest Trance is never my first choice but I got to hand it to Solarstone: he definitely got to me and won me over.)

Disc Two, mixed by Orkidea, starts out with a beautiful and magnetic track that brings you back down and lets your breathe for a second.  And then picks back up with sick dance track that has a definite 80’s feel to it.  This was by far one of my favorite tracks on the entire album.  The drums, the snaps, the melody, it all grabbed a hold of me and wouldn’t let go.    The rest of disc two is compiled of just as, if not even more addicting harder dance style tracks.  Disc two is my favorite of the two discs by far and had me literally dancing on my coffee table.  My favorite songs being track number 2, number 7, number 9 and number 13.

Track number 7 sucked me and took me for a ride. I love the piano with the hard dance beat and effects bouncing back and forth.  The combination of classical instruments with electronic music will always be perfection in my opinion.  It’s the best of the both worlds – the beauty and the beat.

Another one of my favorites off disc two – track number nine, is again alluring and infectious with an 80’s movie soundtrack type feel that is unarguably genius.  A definite club hit.


Of course there’s track number 13 – which is just straight up amazing trance music.  That’s the only way I can describe it and pretty much all that needs to be said.  It encompasses everything we love about this genre – a hard dance beat, entrancing melodies, great builds, and like I said the ability to evoke emotion, like you literally feel what he was feeling when he made this track.  Again I was up moving during this entire song.

Like I said before: disc two of the album is my favorite of the two; however, the entire Pure Trance masterpiece is just that – a f#cking masterpiece.  You all know I’m not a HUGE trance fan, but I would listen to these songs over and over again.  They totally and completely won me over and made me remember why I fell in love with dance music in the first place.  For the span of the two discs I put on my headphones, closed my eyes, and the world melted away.  When I wasn’t dancing and completely hypnotized by the music bouncing around in my skull, I was on an absolute journey and felt the endorphins rushing through my body.   It was just as I described it before – a wild thrill ride that I’d be happy to take again and again.