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Promoted Post BannerA glimpse at his Instagram profile reveals a distinctive dichotomy: Melodic House vs Dark Techno – a precise reflection of his musical style. Crafting compositions adorned with captivating melodies while consistently pushing the boundaries of the techno genre. Typically, artists embark on their creative journey by producing music and sharing it through various labels, and some eventually take the leap to establish their own record labels. Ginchy‘s path aligns with this pattern, although with an intriguing twist – this skilled artist possesses two decades of experience as a DJ and producer, a fact that remains relatively obscure. Given this thought, he deliberately cultivates an air of mystique, encouraging followers to trail his path solely for the sake of his artistic expression.

Unveiled in 2021,
Ginchiest Records, his personal imprint, made its entrance, setting the stage for a wave of unreleased music on the most popular streaming platforms at regular intervals in the years ahead. Swiftly, Ginchy gained recognition in the industry for his debut, the EP titled “Ginchy EP I: Relief/ Empire Falls,” released through Butterfly Effect. Notably, tracks like “Empire Falls” and “Orion” were rapidly embraced by notable figures including Joris Voorn, Paul van Dyk, and The Martinez Brothers, who seamlessly incorporated them into their live performances and DJ sets. Currently, Ginchiest Records is progressively signing talents Ginchy has uncovered. “Ginchy is my baby project. I established the label to secure my creative freedom, avoiding the constraints of A&R. My true intent is for the project to center on the music itself, rather than being overshadowed by the enigmatic figure behind the mask.” – artist conveyed.

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Currently, Ginchy sustains our sense of wonder with his latest creation, this time in collaboration with Zoomer Records, in the realm of Melodic Techno production. “It was in the month of June, on the occasion of my birthday, that I received a phone call that brought exhilarating news – I had the opportunity to grace the Resistance stage at Ultra Croatia, extending my support to the legendary Carl Cox! Fueled by excitement, I promptly composed a track intended to make its impact during the Resistance performance. It was a very magical moment in my career. To inject more fascination, I also had AI compose the lyrics and contribute vocals.” – Ginchy shared

The enigma behind the Ginchy mask remains a mystery, yet one fact remains clear: he’s akin to a superhero, striving to rescue the world through his music. Join him on his mission by discovering his latest release “Resistance”, now accessible across all streaming platforms:


01. Ginchy – Resistance (Original Mix)
02. Ginchy – Resistance (Extended Mix)
03. Ginchy – Resistance (Instrumental Mix)

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