Resolution 2017: The Night of Bass, Crytrance, and Cooties (Review)

While people across the globe were making their New Year’s resolutions & saying goodbye to 2016—The Emerald City (Seattle, WA) played host to nearly 14,000 attendees gathered together to make resolutions together. Excitement filled the air around the WaMu theatre as partygoers walked to the venue in all sorts of rave attire. In the freezing rain nearly two blocks away, ravers were zig-zagging in and out of traffic with their fluffies, totems and pasties out in full force. Obviously, they were excited for the show taking place indoors, but there were long lines before anyone could enjoy. I could tell immediately upon arriving (7 pm) that the monolithic event known as Resolution 2017 was most definitely underway. Among the acts this year at Resolution, there was none other than Above & Beyond who landed the top billing, gracing the stage during the countdown. Leading up to that, there were plenty of moments with the UK-based Trance group that reminded us why we enjoy them so much. In typical Above & Beyond style, their stage presence invoked feels & chills as they shared classic tracks, new tracks and even some unreleased tracks. In addition to the music, Above & Beyond wrote “trance love notes” to the crowd using Character-Generated (CG) missives on the large screens of the main sanctuary.

As the clock struck closer to midnight, Paavo encouraged the crowd that there were still moments in 2016 that we could use to reflect on the year and what we are expecting in 2017. These trance feels came to a crescendo when Paavo wrote on the screen encouraging everyone to look around and embrace each other as brothers and sisters, regardless of whether they knew each other or not.


Feeling the vibe strongly, I remember one partygoer even came in close for a New Year’s kiss right at the stroke of midnight. Fortunately for me, I had already been waiting for this moment with my date and he unfortunately told the stranger to find another to snog with. It was awkward yes, but in light of the trance love songs being played–it was understandably cool with me.

YellowClaw was also there in what only can be described as a fast and furious performance. At times I wasn’t sure if the emcee knew how loud he was being on the mic, but to the YellowClaw fans in attendance I could also tell that it did not matter one bit. Tritonal was also there to show off their new single “Blackout” and many of their well-known favorites (Now or Never, Untouchable). Tritonal’s set was remarkably quiet considering the YellowClaw experience just before it, at one point the sound went out entirely and left everyone scratching their heads, waiting for the music to come back. Tritonal rolled through the technical glitch with professionalism to close out their set with their “Texas twang” accent on the microphones wishing everyone the best in the new year to come.

Lastly, an honorable mention goes to Sound Remedy for putting on a clinic of crowd control with his trademark melodic sounds. Evidently, some of the songs he played would be the last time ever played in a live setting. Hats off to you, Sound Remedy, for blessing us one more time.

Overall, it was a fantastic night in the Emerald City. Thanks to USC Events and Involved Management for making it possible to enjoy the sound of goodbye (to 2016)!