Master Yetí

LISTEN HERE Promoted Post Rhythmic, climatic and electronic, the club remix of Chicago artist and producer,  Master Yetí’s latest single ‘Lulu Lemon’ transforms chilled rap into a dance floor  sensation.  “This song is in honor of and inspired by all the beautiful women, all shapes, sizes  and ages, I see in the gym working out!” states Master Yetí, referring to the  athletic apparel brand. With brooding undercurrents of electronic synths

Luca Draccar

LISTEN HERE Promoted Post “The stories that speak to us most intensely have the ability to erase those who tell them and also those who invented them. Narrator and author sink into a noir oblivion: only the stories remain.” says cross-genre artist, Luca Draccar. His next release, ‘Neo Noir Plaisir,’ is a concept record of abstract soundscapes and futuristic textures. The three-track release will be available on all streaming platforms in